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Double Head Beer Keg Filler/Washer Monobloc, 20-40 KPH Keg Rinsing/Filling with 2 Tanks and Adjustable Platform


Double Head PET Keg Filler/Washer Monobloc, 60-100 KPH PET Keg Rinsing/Filling for Craft/Micro Breweries

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Double Head Beer Keg Filler/Washer Monobloc, 30-40 KPH Keg Rinsing/Filling with 3 Tanks and Fixed Platform

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Technical Specifications
Keg Filler/Washer Monobloc with Fixed Platform
Capacity 30-40 KPH (Kegs per Hour)
Heads 2 heads, 1 for washing, 1 for filling
Tanks 3 tanks: caustic liquid tank, sanitizer liquid tank, hot water tank
Power Supply 380V/50Hz, or customized
Power Consumption Steam heating 3kw; electrical heating 18kw
Applicable Kegs Diameter Φ250-Φ500, height H360-H600
Heating Method electrical, or steam heating
Platform Fixed
Dimensions 1200mm×1600mmm×2000mm
Net Weight 380Kg
Features 1. Siemens control unit, fully automated process, parameter adjusted by touch screen, process displayed on touch screen;
2. Washing & filling process completed in one machine;
3. Pneumatic double action angle seat valves, with sensitive and stable actions;
4. Unique pressure hold system, stable with low beer loss;
5. With CIP recycle piping.
Procedures Filling process: Keg positioning >> open keg spears >> fill >> stop >> rinse spears >> take off kegs;
Washing process: Press >> open keg spears >> discharge residual liquid >> clean water rinse >> caustic liquid rinse >> hot water rinse >> hot water rinse >> steam >> CO2 pressure >> take off kegs.


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