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60KPH, 120KPH Beer Kegging Line, Automatic Keg Washing Filling Line for Craft/Micro Breweries

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Features & Advantages
  • Fully automated kegging line: station shift, washing and filling process are fulfilled automatically with no need of manual operations.
  • With separate cleaning function, as pre-washing independently from filling process
  • Mechanical bend bar drive system ensures stable, reliable performance of the equipment, accurate position, and reduces failure rate.
  • Equipped with automatic flow detection, pressure detection, residual liquid detection after purge, keg spear on/off detection, and working station alarm.
  • CO2 pressurized filling: fully enclosed filling with low pressure difference, with German flow detector, ensuring low foam and beer loss can be controlled below 1%.
  • Water tank can feed water, heat, and hold temperature automatically.
  • Touch screen can set and adjust filling volume, can adjust deviation, display real-time keg count and filling volume.
  • Optional functions: keg outside wash, automatic repeat detection, keg reverse detection;
Technical Specifications
Automatic Kegging Line Single Line Double Line
Capacity 60 Kegs per Hour 120 Kegs per Hour
Total Power 9.6KW 12KW
Pump/Motor Working Voltage customized customized
Control System Voltage DC24V DC24V
Water Pump Lift 38m 38m
CO2 Consumption 1m3/h 1m3/h
City Water Consumption 2000L/h 4000L/h
Steam Consumption 1m3/h 2m3/h
Applicable Keg Volume 5L – 60L 5L – 60L
Beer Loss <1% <1%


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