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1000L/h, 3000L/h, 5000L/h Candle Filter with Diatomaceous Earth for Beer Filtration

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Features & Advantages
  • Candle fitration is an advanced, safe, efficient and polution free filtration solution, and it has become a main stream filtration method for beer brewing industry.
  • Premium Quaity Material:
    Whole equipment is fabricated with food grade SS304.
  • Stable Performance:
    The earth can form an even filtration layer by stainless support surface, therefore the layer is not easy to deform and crack due to pressure changes.
  • High Efficiency:
    Each filtration candle provides a separate filtration channel, therefore filtration pressure is low and the filtration process is very effecient.
  • Easy to Clean:
    Because filtration candles are installed vertically, dirty pre-coated layers can fall off completely as long as there is any slight back flush pressure inside the filtration candles.
  • Easy Pre-coating:
    The equipment has a recycle barrel, which makes pre-coating of the earth very easy and simple.
  • Thickened Material:
    Thickened SS304 material for filtration barrel, so the barrel can bear high pressure with safe and effecient filtration process.
  • 1x recyling pre-coating barrel,
  • 1x filtration barrel, with inspection glass, manometer, drain valve,
  • 1x stainless self-priming pump,
  • 1x electrical control box, optional,
  • 1x stainless base frame with wheels integrating all components as one mobile unit,
  • 1x connection pipes, valves, fittings, with sight glass, beer inlet, beer outlet
Model DEF-ZS1000 DEF-ZS3000 DEF-ZS5000
Flow Rate 1000L/h 3000L/h 5000L/h
Beer Output 500L/h 1000L/h 2000L/h
Voltage 220V/380V/customized 220V/380V/customized 220V/380V/customized
Power 0.55kw 1.5kw 2.2kw
Pressure 0.25Mpa 0.25Mpa 0.25Mpa
Filtration Area 0.5m^2 1m^2 1m^2
Earth Required 0.5-1kgs 1-1.5kgs 1-1.5kgs
Candle Count 10x55cm 30x65cm 30x100cm
Dimensions 120x40x145cm 165x62x130cm 165x62x223cm


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