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This is a one-stop factory store where you can find all solutions, equipment, parts and the like to build your own brewery, distillery, winery, cidery, etc.

Brewery Solutions

micro brewery

Micro Brewery

Suitable for craft brewers, brewpubs, or commercial production.

Capacity ranging from entry-level up to medium or large scale.

Quality equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.

Professional service & support, pre-sales and after-sales.

Nano Brewery

Solutions for pilot brewing, and testing purposes,

Capacity at 100L/200L/300L or 1BBL/2BBL/3BBL,

Quality equipment and state-of-the-art technologies,

Professional service & support, pre-sales and after-sales.

Brewery Equipment

Malt Processing

Malt crushing and conveying system, including malt mill, flex auger, grist case, etc.


Brewhouse system available with different sizes, its structure can be 2, 3, or 4 vessel design.

Cellar Tanks

Cellar tanks include fermenters, bright beer tanks, lager tanks, maturation tanks, etc.

Glycol Cooling

Glycol cooling system for brewery, including glycol chiller, glycol tank, cold water tank, etc.

CIP Cleaning

CIP cleaning system for brewery, with mobile CIP Unit, or fixed CIP plants optional

Electrical Control

Control system for brewery, which can be basic manual control or advanced automation control.

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